Vulnerability can come in a range of guises, and can be temporary, sporadic or permanent in nature.

In all types of Vulnerability, Merligen staff and representatives adopt and follow the TEXAS protocol by;

  • Thanking the customer for advising us of their situation.
  • Explaining how the information will be used.
  • Gaining explicit consent should be obtained.
  • Asking the customer key questions to understand their situation better.
  • Sign-posting to the relevant organisation where appropriate.

We also understand that there may be customers of a particularly vulnerable nature.

These are customers who are currently at a greatly heightened risk of experiencing detriment, this detriment could be of a more serious impact on the customer’s situation and in response are managed at case level. Merligen also empowers partners to close any particularly vulnerable cases at their own discretion.


Better understanding, accurate pricing.

Assigning a strategy that generates the optimum return from every segment is key to our pricing methodology.

Accurate pricing also ensures that we have the bandwidth to work every account appropriately post sale. This may include writing a balance off in response to financial hardship.

We are extremely transparent when it comes to performance.

So much so that if a portfolio ‘over performs’ then we are happy to consider a price increase when scoring any subsequent portfolios.

Tailor made systems, designed to create a seamless customer transition.

Our entire infrastructure has been purpose built to serve the bespoke needs of our clients.

100% of our systems are built in house utilising highly sophisticated cloud based technologies. This allows us to be very agile and reactive to the specifics of every portfolio that we purchase.

Where appropriate automation is implemented with all work flows benefiting from data driven decisioning.

Crucially, our systems are also designed to offer full oversight of our partners activity and performance throughout the assignment period.

We are fully committed to ensuring that the FCA principle of treating customers fairly (TCF) is applied in all areas of our day to day business activities.

At Merligen Investments Limited, we are proud to operate a policy of openness and transparency.

By placing the fair treatment of customers as the focal point of all activities it is intended that the expectations of the FCA will be exceeded.

TCF standards are implemented from Top Management down to all members of staff within the organisation.

We recognise that fair treatment of customers is about adding value to the service we offer by aiming to protect the interests of customers at each stage of the recovery life cycle, from initial contact right through the collections and recovery process.

Crucially we strive to meet as best we can the unique needs of each customer by offering a transparent, efficient and professional service, and constantly reviewing our service to identify areas for improvement.

Why choose Merligen Investments Ltd?

Significant Funding
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TCF Comes
As Standard

Brand Protection

Real Time
Sustainable Pricing


Ethical In
Everything We Do

Merligen Investments Ltd is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (718660)
and is a Company registered in England & Wales under Company registration number 07786814

Merligen Investments Ltd has ceased to trade and on 20 November 2023 entered into a members’ voluntary liquidation (a solvent liquidation).  For any queries please use the Contact Form.