To date, we have purchased portfolios in a number of sectors including Financial Services, Consumer Lending, Motor Finance, Utilities, Claims Management, Telco, Insurance and Retail to name a few.

Whilst our experience tells us that each sector presents its own challenges and customer demographic, we have often found that by applying our learning’s from each sector, we can better understand our wider customer base.

This approach has been pivotal in optimising our return, allowing us to be extremely competitive when pricing.


Understanding the customer

Our pricing model is unique to us and allows us to find value in cases that other purchasers may disregard. We achieve this through using a combination of customer insight and data analysis, combined with over 150 years senior management knowledge, experience and expertise.

We undertook a significant case study which initially looked at the outcome, before mapping back to the associated action that prompted the outcome.

Intelligent Reverse Engineering
Our next action was to identify key attributes associated to cases which resulted in a positive outcome.
Our final action was to use our findings to create a highly sophisticated algorithm which assesses over 800 data points before assigning a ‘Financial Wellbeing’ score.

Analytics and insights

Our objective is to build long standing, mutually beneficial partnerships with our clients. We believe the key to this is being fully transparent when it comes to pricing and performance. Sharing our findings and proposed strategies offers our partners genuine assurance that all customers circumstances are considered.

This includes excluding cases that we would deem inappropriate to sell.


Financially Vulnerable




Negative Financial Trajectory

Strategies reflective of wellbeing.

Our approach is deliberately simple yet incredibly effective

We believe that the most effective strategy, is the one which best matches the customers circumstance.

We have established strong partnerships with a range of industry leading specialist DCA’s and Legal partners.

Our assignment process is dictated by a combination of Debt Type, Sector and our Customer Wellbeing Score.

We consider the customer journey at every decision point and challenge the process to eradicate the risk of customer detriment.

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