Having successfully founded, managed and developed one of the leading UK Debt Collections Agencies up until the point of acquisition in 2012. Merligen Investments founding Directors quickly set about building a purchasing business that benefited from the extensive knowledge and experience that the previous 20 years had provided.

Merligen Investments Ltd pride themselves on exceeding requirements and fundamentally seek to ensure the most appropriate outcome is achieved during every customer interaction.

Our expert ability to ascertain the true value of any given consumer portfolio ensures that our clients receive a sustainable debt sale solution.

The above is achieved by constantly challenging existing methodology coupled with gaining a granular level understanding of every portfolio that is considered for purchase.

We also benefit from significant private funding allowing for immediate payment on multi million pound purchases. Having such a detailed understanding, allows us to apply an account level tailored strategy which negates the potential of any detriment to the sellers brand and reputation.

In fact, our objective is to go one step further and actually enhance our partners brands through association.

Over 100 years experience

A highly experienced and effective,
specialist consumer debt purchaser.

Formed in 2012, Merligen Investments initially entered the Debt Purchase space with the vision of establishing themselves as the alternative option to the mainstream buyers.

The target audience were those that didn’t meet the minimum thresholds that the larger buyers imposed and or required a specialist, personal approach to complex and challenging debt types.

Our tailored approach was an instant success and resulted in a number of successful partnerships being established with a variety of clients, ranging from small scale organisations to high profile, market leading institutions.

Merligen Investments Ltd is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (718660)
and is a Company registered in England & Wales under Company registration number 07786814

Merligen Investments Ltd has ceased to trade and on 20 November 2023 entered into a members’ voluntary liquidation (a solvent liquidation).  For any queries please use the Contact Form.